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Networking Events
Networking Events helps bring Business connections with other businesses. When you attend one of our very entertaining events just for business, you will leave wanting to get to the next event! We believe that Businesses of today need all the ways possible to get their word out! To sponsor one of our networking events and let’s get your connection to others like yourself! Also if you wish to run ads with Meet Me Locally –

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Business Events

Business Events are so much fun to bring to your company, employees, or clients.  From entertainment to the Drink Specials MML handles it all! You want your event to be remembered, We got your back!

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Friendship Events
Traffic Light Events are so fun! Red means your taken, Yellow means your a maybe, & green means I am single and ready to mingle. So if you have never been to a traffic light event! You have to attend at least one in your life> Anybody is able to come and so many are ready to party. You dress up if you like to wear a mask and get your light card and have a blast! More Shows –

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Dating Events
Singles/Brazilian Night was amazing; the people I met and found to become friends have been my heart’s joy to this day! The events have brought me so much love and friendship I couldn’t ask for before! Come out and see for yourself how our events turn out. You are happy you did!

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