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Hello & Welcome to Our community website for real people to meet real friends! After many years with other Social Media having full control over what I posted, commented, and taken ownership of my photos, etc.! I had to find a better and new way to enjoy times with my family, friends, co-workers, & business partners. After a 30 day jail time! I was put in like I’m a child and couldn’t choose as an “adult” what I wanted to post! I looked and looked never found a place I could really enjoy while I was on social media. After seeing how the giant social media became so controlling of people’s posts, comments, & what they see and are not allowed to see! I had enough. Since I never found a social media, I could join to have the experiences I wanted. So I research and found out how to and what to do to build my own! The hard part was finding a good domain name and URL to buy. Well, after months and month’s typing in ideas, I found the Friend Space. I bought it, and here we are! Now you are a personal Friend Space user, and we hope you will share and spread the word about us and help us grow to show the world we are freedom! So let’s share with all your family, friends, co-workers, and business partners now! I Thank You -Mike Powel





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We are starting to put together meeting & Greet for members of the Friend Space Website!

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