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Meet me Locally was created in 2020 as a social club for people to find connection whether that is in Business, Dating or Friendship. We noticed especially through the pandemic people were craving connection. In a world where we were told to stay apart, we wanted to create a world to bring people in. We started with virtual events and then created In person events in Tampa Bay , Florida. Our mission is to make sure people know they are not alone. They can hang with our community. They can find the resources they need with us.

We lit the world up being one of the first businesses in Tampa Bay actively promoting meet ups in the area. Some called us crazy, others were incredibly thankful. Many people at events, simply discussed their mental health and how being away from people was so difficult on them personally and professionally. It was truly amazing seeing people connect even if it was 6 ft apart with masks. We allowed everyone their own comfortability and so many people appreciated it. Some hugged, some high fives and even some leg kicks of excitement when getting to see people for the first time in  over four months. Local Bars and restaurants were thankful for us bringing them business in a time where many were struggling. We were not only helping bring connections to people, but always financial connections for local businesses which was a very big goal of ours. Jacklyn the owner of meet me locally worked for  many years in the restaurant and bar industry and was doing all that she could to support different venues every week in the community.

Our Burning desire to create connection is not going anywhere. We plan to light up the world with connections! We have started small with 7 of our groups being local Tampa Bay Florida groups., As of  2021 we created  Meet me Locally USA and WORLD WIDE with the goal to really grow into the Business that people can truly find meaningful connections on not just here in Tampa Bay.  We cannot wait to be the platform that people trust to get connected socially , for personal and business!


Jacklyn Crisanti

Owner of Meet me Locally


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