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Meet Me Locally is a social club designed to connect people whether it is in Business, Dating or Friendship. We provide events for those to connect, as well as groups to join to further your connect. In our groups you have the ability to ” Create Your own Event” which helps you find your “Tribe” of people in our Network!

Who We Are!

We’ve Learned That People Want Connection In Three Things.

  • Business
  • Friendship
  • Dating

As A Company, We Decided To Create Groups And Host Events That Can Allow Connections To Happen In All Three!


Why Are Events Important? :

 Events can bring so much information, connections, and joy to a community which is why they are so important to us. We host at least one event per month and we also have Ambassadors who host events within our groups! 

Check out our Events tab to see what is happening! 

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Meet Me Locally

I Jacklyn Crisanti wants to thank you for your kind and responsive testimonies! My passion is to bring the very best ideas to every event I host, Work with, or design for you or your business! So let me Bring out your ideas with our next event together!
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Meet Me Locally Is looking for Ambassadors and Partnerships to help grow to a Global Network! Meet Me Locally is growing fast but in good need of supporters of the brand to continue to grow & to provide meaningful connections. Interested in becoming a partner or ambassador connect with us!

Create meaningful connections through events!

We’ve learned that people want connection in three things. Business, Friendship and Dating. As a company, we decided to create groups and host events that can allow connections to happen in all three! Our mission is to travel the world and focus on communities that need real events for everybody! Today with so much going on and business need Me. I get out and Hussle everyday and nights to bring business to local Restaurants, Clubs, & Bars. So the main mission is to help bring companies like yours more business and success!


To be a resource for those to connect with others. Be able to bring Companies like your own more happiness by Providing: 

  • Groups, For you to have unlimited connection to members and post about your needs
  • Events to be proud of for your employees to enjoy most on a well served budget.
  • Spreading the word about your Business is my Job. This give you more time to enjoy what’s important to you!

Meet the Owner: Jacklyn Crisanti

Jacklyn Crisanti was born and raised in Ansonia, Connecticut. She graduated from the University of Connecticut with a psychology degree. Jacklyn’s Passion has always been connecting people. Whether it was in her career in the Restaurant Industry, Event Coordinating, Nanny or Teaching. Jacklyn moved to St. Petersburg at the end of 2016 and started her business The JDC Experience at the end of 2018. Her business started out as only events but since then has grown as a full concierge business offering Event planning and coordinating, Photobooth and now Personal and Business Concierge Services. In 2020, the pandemic really taught Jacklyn how much people needed connection. Our world was divided and could really use a sense of community. This is how Meet me Locally came about. Her desire to connect people in a world thats simply had lost its way with connection. Through Virtual and In Person events Jacklyn’s goal is to make sure everyone knows they are not alone. We have 9 different groups that can offer you a community to network with. Meet me locally has a wonderful resource and community whether they need connections in Business, Dating or Friendship! Connect with Meet me Locally! You can hang with us! Meet me Locally is the social club you want to be in! 

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Beyond Your Side Hustle

It’ll get personal with Jacklyn Crisanti when you attend one of her events, whether it’s business networking with Meet Me Locally, or the dating and Latin events she creates. She wants to get to know you, so that she can tailor your experience to suit what you’re looking to get out of it. “It Doesn’t Matter if You’re the CEO or Just Starting Out, You Fit In” Meeting Jacklyn is just the start of your Meet Me Locally networking experience, as she will plug you into the network where you get the most value from attending. Because of her nervousness at other events, she seeks to create a different experience that really makes any attendee feel welcome and valuable. Business Networking with Meet Me Locally Connect to network for your business or a variety of other opportunities:

We love connecting through Events & Our groups! Check out our gallery!